Dialing & Connection Problems

Unable to initialize modem

There are many possible reasons that your modem may not initialise. We recommend that you attempt the following suggested solutions:

  1. Check your physical connection from the modem to the wall. Ensure that the phone cable is connected to the line jack of your modem. Also, make sure that you have configured the correct settings on your system for your modem port.
  2. In your dialer, select the correct settings for your modem type. If your modem is not listed in the modem list of your dialer, choose a Hayes Compatible or Standard modem, then try to dial again. Refer to your modem user guide to determine if your mode m is Hayes compatible or Rockwell based, as Rockwell based modems will not work with a Hayes initstrings.
  3. If you are using an internal modem, ensure that your modem's IRQ is not conflicting with other devices, for example your mouse. If your mouse is running on COM1, configure your modem as COM4 with IRQ 3 IO Addr 2E8. If it is in COM2, then choose COM3 wi th IRQ4 IO Addr 3E8. If both ports are in use, choose IRQ9 or 15 for your internal modem. Please refer to your modem user guide for instructions to change IRQs and Addresses. Windows 3.1(and above) users using PCMCIA modem cards will need to have your car d configuration software(supplied by your modem vendors) to recognise the PCMCIA card before you configure the modem to be used in your computer. Windows 95 users, please refer to your modem installation guide provided by your modem vendors for instructio ns on configuring PCMCIA modem cards. Please be informed that if your card will not work if your configuration software cannot detect its presence.
  4. Not ruling out the possibility that your modem may not disconnect properly after the last connection, due to modem or port problems, try unplugging the phone cable from your modem port and fit in again. Try connecting once more.